The Director of The Norman Rea plays the lead role in running the gallery. This entails working closely with all members of the Committee to ensure that the exhibitions and events produced are of the highest quality.

As Director you will be required to show strong managerial skills, on both a personal and public level. You will need to be aware of the fine details of all projects undertaken by the Committee, and be willing to aid those projects in whatever way is necessary. Often this will require a sensitive approach to delegation, a creative use of available resources, and a willingness to get thoroughly stuck in. Day to day, the responsibilities and duties of the Director will change, and should therefore possess a level of both ingenuity and determination.

Serving as the primary public face for The Norman Rea, the Director must be enthusiastic, and ready to promote the work of the gallery in any and every public sphere. The role opens up professional relationships with a wide range of people, from academics to local businesses, college administrators to fellow committee members. It therefore requires, but also ultimately nurtures, an acute sensibility to public and personal relations.

The opportunity to lead a uniquely creative project such as The Norman Rea is rare and, by virtue of this, endlessly rewarding.



Vice-Director works alongside the Director in the management of the gallery. They work together to lead the committee and keep a level of professionalism in the gallery.  This mainly involves overseeing administrative affairs and reporting it to the Director. Responsibilities range from overseeing finances, to planning the expansion of the gallery. Because of this scope, the role demands a combination of artistic awareness, business acumen, interpersonal skills and practical abilities. As the year progresses Vice-Director may lead gallery projects to take pressure off of the Director. Vice-Director is a great opportunity to develop both your artistic and curatorial skills, as well as team management and overseeing the running of a professional gallery.


Although Vice-Director requires a lot of work, it is not as stressful as Director, and yet it has many of the benefits. Vice will need to help choose exhibitions for next year and thus prepare next year’s catalogue.


This role requires you to keep on top of every exhibition’s budget, typically £50-100. It is your job to record all the expenses for each exhibition and compile invoices to give to YUSU in order for the costs to be reimbursed.  It is your job to confirm  the spending of money for items such as posters, leaflets and exhibition invites. It is your duty to make sure each curator keeps in budget as much as possible and to take action when money is not being spent properly.

A simple level of mathematical knowledge is required and also skills in using excel.

As a member of the core team you will also be involved in the close running of the gallery and your input is required at these meetings.

Head of Press and Publicity                                                                                                     

The Head of Press and Publicity Officer is responsible for Press and Publicity team, who in turn are responsible for making exhibitions known. The Head of Press and Publicity must create press releases for each of the exhibitions for the rest of the team to spread. In this role, you will need to ensure that upcoming exhibitions are included in college newsletters, in the YUSU newsletter, in our own newsletter, on screens around campus and mailed to the departments that are forwarded on to students. Once given this role, you will need to put together a projected budget report for the Press & Publicity ‘department’. Each exhibition requires posters to be made and press releases to be written, for which the P&P department is solely responsible. Contacts with the local press and the university press office need to be maintained through this role and it is important that the P&P department updates the website, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, for the gallery, regularly. This is a very demanding role and it is crucial for the gallery that the Officer is pro-active and up to date with their duties. This role may also involve organising and attainment of merchandise and/or prints to be sold at the gallery during an exhibition.

This role is extremely rewarding and helps develop several transferable skills such as PR, advertising and IT skills.


Graphic Designer                                                                                          

For this role you will be expected to design all the marketing material for each exhibition. This includes posters, invitations and catalogues as required by each curator. It is your job to make the material look engaging and welcoming and to make sure that students, academics and the general public alike are always aware of future events in the gallery. You will also be responsible for the maintenance of the gallery’s website. In this role, you will need to work closely with the Press & Publicity officer and regularly update the website.

This material will need to be made as professional as possible and basic skills in Photoshop are required.

To do this role well you need to be available to edit and create work in good time for exhibitions. You will also need to be organised and need to work closely with the curator to make sure all material is made in time to reduce cost to the exhibition.  


Head of Blog                                                                                       

The Head of Blog is responsible for organising and leading the Blog Team. The role will include writing  at least one blog post each week- this can include anything from reviewing gallery/ museum exhibitions to writing about pieces of art that you find particularly interesting. The Blog Team leader will need to have a strong skillset in creative writing abilities. The role requires you to work closely with Press and Publicity.


Social Secretary 

Social Secretary is responsible for organising at least one social per term for the gallery members. The role requires an enthusiastic individual who can help members maintain interest in the gallery. Social Secretary is also responsible for organising the refreshments for the exhibition opening nights- this includes buying alcoholic/ non-alcoholic beverages for 80-100 people as well as organising a team to serve drinks.



If you are interested in running, please fill out an application form by clicking the link below.


Disclaimer: Only paid members of the Norman Rea can run or vote.