Prior to coming to the University of York, I was introduced to the Norman Rea Gallery and becoming aware of the space and the society swayed me to choose York as my place of further academic study. The Norman Rea Gallery has presented a multitude of opportunities from understanding the inner-most workings of a gallery to being part of a community, one of which I feel honoured to lead. 


Being elected director, I am interested in the possibilities for the NRG to develop both professionally and socially. The NRG is unique in that its the only student-run gallery part of a university and I want my leadership to enhance and broaden the students who get involved. I, myself a History of Art student want to expand communications between other departments and make the space a place for anyone interested in art on a initial level or on a career level. 


Using my leadership skills gained in other areas like working with a team, I am keen to assist the rest of the committee in their roles and to represent the gallery in a way that attracts not only the students but people in York. Expanding our dialogues with other universities and particularly with YUSU, bringing people from other circles and societies to be part of the gallery. 


Using experience gained during my gap year, working in various galleries I am keen to display my vision in the space. Following my “open-door” policy, I encourage students to chat and contact me about their ideas. The NRG is not just a gallery but a society too so I want everyone to feel involved. 








Please feel free to get in-contact with me: