13th November- 26th November 2018


How do we see, perceive and understand the world? What techniques might be used to best depict this experience in an immediate manner that vividly recalls our encounters? Through fragmenting the forms around our immediate perceptions, the artists participated in the collection have utilised various media to convey the experience of looking. In doing so, they acknowledged the element of deception in the image, exposing its material forms rather than attempting to create an objective reality. 


The traditional interpretation of truth in art today is largely based around the static photographic image. The variety of media explored in the exhibition, including a distinct approach to photography, subverted this idea. Whilst the images displayed may have appeared unreal, even abstract, they revealed an experiential truth. 


Participating artists:

 Lee Kay- Barry, Miranda Forrester, David Holah, Joshua Von Uexkull, Jerry Scott, Jess Carnegie, Eithne Healy, Jessie Cabot, Valentin Russo, Toby Vernon.