head of graphics

Sophie SHArpe

My name is Sophie Sharpe and I have been elected as the Head of Graphics for the Norman Rea Gallery. I applied for this position because of my interest in advertising and visual culture. In addition, I felt this role would serve well as a much needed outlet for my practical creative side whilst studying a solely academic degree. I am now a third year History of Art student and have been involved with the Norman Rea Gallery since I was a fresher. Joining the gallery was always a natural step for me because it compliments many of the themes of my course, allows my interests to be put into practice and offers the opportunity to meet likeminded people. 

Graphics Assistant

Imogen Squire

Art has always been a prominent part of my life; Growing up in London my favourite thing to do on a Sunday afternoon was to visit galleries and museums. These experiences are what influenced me to not only take up the subject of Art History but also join the Norman Rae Gallery. 


My role in the Norman Rea Gallery is the Assistant Graphic Designer. This role includes discussing, drawing up plans and creating posters for upcoming exhibitions and general advertisement for the gallery itself. I am so happy to have received this role as it allows me to carry on feeding my creative side as well being on this exciting adventure in bringing new contemporary artworks to the University of York, as well as providing opportunities for new and upcoming artists to display their work.