The Norman Rea Gallery presents ‘Keep Gazing’ 

25th February – 12th March 2019 

Our perceptions of the word “gender” are constantly undergoing redefinition and reinterpretation as we continue to discuss how we feel about our own genders and the genders of those around us: celebrating the terms diversity and limitless expression. Crucially, as we move into the Twenty-First century, gender is a term that society aims to envisage with openness and non-rigidity in its attempts to move away binaries enforced on self-identification: presently, and from the near and distant past. In our exhibition’s exploration of the term, we wanted to challenge stereotypes and preconceived ideas through providing a repertoire of art that focused on the individual and their choices, particularly with regard to sexuality, gender groupings, voice and the relationship between our interiors and exteriors. 

The artwork curated in our space provided an interesting display of visual stimulus. We hoped to show gender in its fluidity and informality across a wide range of medias and include a variety of artists both locally and nationally. 

Our exhibition also aimed to tap into current debates, conversations and theories around gender and sexuality as we believed this is a current and relevant way to think about what we are seeing. Crucially, the exhibition challenged and illuminated the discourse around the male gaze and it’s role in fore-fronting cultural representations of women and girls in popular culture including film, fashion, photography and art. It explored  queer identity in current times as well as it’s turbulent and misinterpreted history, hoping to provide a space for historically marginalised voices as well as space for uncensored expression. Importantly, the tone of our show visualised how gender in our time can mean something different to each of us, but in a society adamant on categorisation and definition, “gender” has meaning based on cultures, religions, societies and situations.