"Locals 2018"

 22nd January- 27th January 2018 



The Norman Rea Gallery was proud to present: Locals Exhibition, the first exhibition to be held at the gallery during the spring term. This display brought together a variety of Yorkshire-based artists, whose works exemplify the vast skillset and creativity within the local area. The eclectic range of media, subject and style provided an exciting, visually stimulating experience. Whilst artist Kate Buckley’s uncanny twist on domesticity challenged the perception of everyday objects through an intriguing choice of media, Beth Leich’s fusion of natural forms and portrait photography defies the typically sharp nature of the photograph. 


These artworks challenged convention, tested the limits of artistic media in order to evoke unexpected visual experiences. Ben Elliott’s exploration of the female nude epitomises this, defying typical framing and composition, and thus enabling the viewer to experience a fresh interaction with this timeless subject. 

A repertoire that brought together local and University-based talent, the Gallery showcased a unique selection of contemporary artwork, which thrilled, surprised and inspired. 


Participating artists: 

Violet Argent, William Barnardo, Kate Buckley, Ben Elliot, Rebecca Hargreaves, Christian Jackson, Beth Leitch, Ruby Lewis, Alastair Little, Toby Logan, Jim Mcllwrath, and Radia Mustafa.