Prior to coming to the University of York, I was introduced to the Norman Rea Gallery and becoming aware of the space and the society swayed me to choose York as my place of further academic study. The Norman Rea Gallery has presented a multitude of opportunities from understanding the inner-most workings of a gallery to being part of a community, one of which I feel honoured to lead. Being elected director, I am interested in the possibilities for the NRG to develop both professionally and socially. The NRG is unique in that its the only student-run gallery part of a university and I want my leadership to enhance and broaden the students who get involved. I, myself a History of Art student want to expand communications between other departments and make the space a place for anyone interested in art on a initial level or on a career level. Using my leadership skills gained in other areas like working with a team, I am keen to assist the rest of the committee in their roles and to represent the gallery in a way that attracts not only the students but people in York. Expanding our dialogues with other universities and particularly with YUSU, bringing people from other circles and societies to be part of the gallery. Using experience gained during my gap year, working in various galleries I am keen to display my vision in the space. Following my “open-door” policy, I encourage students to chat and contact me about their ideas. The NRG is not just a gallery but a society too so I want everyone to feel involved. Please feel free to get in-contact with me: gf698@york.ac.uk gracefrazer@hotmail.com @gracefrazer

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Bethan carrick


My name is Beth Carrick. I am going into my final year of university, studying History of Art. Inevitably, my interests are largely creative. I’m a keen theatre-goer and am currently on the Board for York’s youth run festival, TakeOver. Having developed my interest in fine art much later than my peers, my experience has been centred around theatre and fashion. I feel this will be a great benefit for our programme in the coming year. Over the last year the Norman Rea gallery has been such a great place to inspire and challenge viewers’ preconceived ideas of art (as a whole) and the chosen exhibition themes. Being a part of the process of Keep Gazing, an exhibition on gender identity which took place in February this year, made clear to me the possible avenues the gallery could go down in order to generate the best experience for the committee and our members but most importantly our audience. As this year’s Vice Director, I would like to help challenge and inspire even more people. In order to do so we must develop relationships with local arts initiatives as well as initiatives nationwide. From this I hope to help develop and solidify our place within the student arts network in the UK. Our committee is made up of intelligent and driven young women which will be greatly beneficial in engineering the plans that Grace and I have for this year. I am very much looking forward to it!

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emma pearce


I’m Emma Pearce and I am the Treasurer of the Norman Rea Gallery for the upcoming academic year. I’m a third year History of Art student. I’ve been coming to the Norman Rea since my first year, and last year got involved in curating Keep Gazing in Spring 2019 which I loved. I’m really excited to now be a part of the Norman Rea committee and get involved in more curating projects. As Treasurer, I really want to get a sense of the different aspect of running a gallery and the finances and funding that are involved in producing exhibitions. I love that the Norman Rea offers students across the university the opportunity to gain work experience in the practical side of the art world, as well as the chance to meet new people. As Treasurer, I want to make the gallery a more accessible space for a large range of students and continue to put on professional and exciting exhibitions.

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Pearlin guillon


Head of Press        

and Publicity

I'm Pearlin Guillon, a third-year History of Art student, whose's interests in Art lies in the Renaissance (specifically  Michelangelo) and Nineteenth-century. With a keen appeal to the digital platform of the gallery, this role offers an opportunity to further develop the branding of the Norman Rea and its online presences via social media. As someone who is an avid user and supporter for Instagram, I strongly consider the importance of branding and understand how to accommodate to a range of audiences. With prior experience of working for the Norman Rea last year, I aim to continue to retain the image of the gallery and hope to create a wider network with other artistic communities in the North.

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rosie day

Head of Blog

Hi! I’m Rosie, a TWDP student here at York Uni and I’m the Head of Blog for the Norman Rea Gallery. I oversee the gallery’s blog team and manage the blog at https://normanreagallery.wixsite.com/blog
Being in my first year, I’ve only recently gotten involved with the Norman Rea Gallery, but it has been one of the most interesting and rewarding communities to be a part of, and I am so excited to write for the blog. My interests spread across the arts, including art history, art theory, music, theatre and literature. I aim to write on a range of subjects, including reviews, artist biographies, interviews, and opinion pieces, in an exploratory and accessible way to make the arts more available to the students of York University and the wider community.
If you would like to write a blog piece, please get in contact by emailing me at editor.normanrea@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you!

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faith I weddle

Social Secretary

I’ve been working in art galleries and museums part time for the past 5 years in my home town, Berwick-upon-Tweed. So when I first heard about the Norman Rea Gallery I was really excited and it massively influenced my decision to come to York. I applied for a position within the committee as soon as possible, eager to get behind the scenes! I’m a first year History of Art student and this year as Social Secretary of the Norman Rea Gallery, I aim to make events accessible, fun and welcoming. I hope to create events that will allow members to learn, enabling them to continue the legacy of the Norman Rea Gallery and to provide members with valuable experience that they can take forward as they step into the arts industry. Please feel free to contact me at any point, especially if you have an idea for an event! fiw505@york.ac.uk IG: @faithiweddle

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senah tuma

Members Officer

Hello! I'm Senah - a History of Art student and your members officer. You should come to me for any feedback, thoughts or ideas you have about the gallery! My instagram is @senahtuma and my university email is sht510. Feel free to contact me if you need anything, have any questions or just want to chat! I look forward to meeting and talking to our members. 

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Sarah Pearey

Graphic Designer


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Finn Reece

Gallery Assistant


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Millie Tinston

Gallery Assistant


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