"RED." Exhibition 

15th - 29th October 


Eliciting a physiological response is an evolutionary instinct to a potentially uncomfortable or unknown environment. Explored by James Turrell, Mark Rothko and J.M.W Turner a work of art has the same transformative experience to a viewer, experimenting with the senses, challenging the human response of fight or flight. 


The show will encompass this exploration, focussing on the colour “Red”. Throughout Art history and in a more broader worldly practice, “Red” symbolises a juxtaposition of emotions where romantic, dangerous and calming associations clash. By drawing attention to this oxymoron, the viewer questions the significance of colour, therefore highlighting the relationship with taste, touch, sight etc. How we use and define this literary association - philosophical questions explored by the Romantics and the Sublime. 


Taking this idea into the 21st century, the Norman Rea Gallery exhibited national and international artists to reconstruct the traditional white-cube space. The exhibition acted as a platform for artists to display work but also be an interactive experience through the use of multi-media. The audience was introduced to these concepts but also made to question their significance in the space, or perhaps lack of...