Upcoming Exhibition

Virtually Real

Norman Rea Gallery presents ‘Virtually Real’

Preview night: 27th January 2020, 7-9pm

Running: 27th January - 10th February 2020

As part of the Norman Rea Gallery’s 2019/2020 programme, we are excited to introduce our first exhibition of the year Virtually Real. Exploring the digital world through art’s gaze, the exhibition will force you to interact with the digital works and question the role art has to play in our increasingly digitally aesthetic society. In turn, we encourage the audience to question

how the digital realm transforms our interaction with art.

This exhibition explores the power of the digital and its potential to break down the barriers

institutional art have built. How does our position as spectator shift when we are faced with no limits to our interaction with the art that is in front of us? In an age driven by social media interactions - which have arguably reduced our sensibilities and quality of our interhuman relationships - how can the digital provide us with a sense of community spirit that is innate in human existence? This exhibition will display the ways in which art has helped in creating digital communities and in what ways art can enforce the creation of safe and sustainable online/digital communities. The exhibition will display a comprehensive view of digital and graphic design in creating new realities.


In a society that is desperate to both obtain and deny truth to inform their reality, we examine the ways in which art and visual culture in the 21st century has confronted the panic of reality. Many artists have returned to the sketch form which has been appropriated by the digital world. There has been a lot of controversy around gaming in the 21st century. Critics have highlighted its negative influence on children and young men, in regards to violence and politics. How does gaming and digital design fair if we understand it as an art form? Can its definition as ‘art’ aid an understanding of why issues of race, gender, and class has infiltrated the gamer world?