My name is Jessica Jenkinson and I will be vice-directing for this academic year at The Norman Rea Gallery. I am an English Literature and History of Art student in my final year. Having been involved in the gallery for the past two years and having been Head of Press and Publicity last year, I have fortunately been involved in many projects and exhibitions within the gallery, for example, I have co-curated Myths (summer 2017), Ctrl X + Ctrl V (summer 2018) and For Sale (summer 2018). I am very enthusiastic for the coming academic year and am excited to work with a dedicated team of likeminded people. In particular, I am looking forward to experimenting with a range of exhibition

themes, and within this, medias that challenge the space we have. As a fan of digital art and short film, I am keen on bringing interactive elements into exhibitions and finding creative ways to display

the content. 


Likewise, from recently working with the team at The Tetley, a contemporary art gallery in Leeds, Ihave felt inspired by the ways in which the curators have manipulated sound and lighting in a few of their exhibitions, within the spaces of the old brewery headquarters. In order to create a moreimmersive experience in The Norman Rea Gallery, I am hoping the team and I will be able to play with these elements, in the hope to trigger a more sensual experience of the art- as oppose to

consistently using the white-walled space.